Easy? Yes, very.

The kid reel fits all bikes. And with superfast mounting the bike ride can start now!

1. Attach

Fit the Kidreel to your kids bike frame with the included strap.

2. Pull

Pull the handle.

3. Enjoy

Hit the trails, sidewalks, forest or mountains. Go on an adventure with you kids!

Super-fast mounting that fits all bikes. Kidreel simplifies family bike rides, born from a mountain biking parent's desire for an effortless solution.

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Don't take our word for it...

Mom's Dream Come True

Kristina Engh - Mum

I used to bring the baby carriage for backup in case my boy got tired along the way.

Now he just tags along for the ride without effort, and I can leave the baby carriage at home.

Love my Kidreel!

Jonah - Pro kid

Now I can go on super-long rides!

This thing rules!

Cameron Zink - MTB Pro

It stays on my kids bikes without them knowing, but it’s always there when I need to give them a lift! It’s the equivalent to the invention of the dropper post... for riding with your kids!

Used to hate uphills...

Tiril - Pro kid

Kidreel is the best! It`s like a rocket on my bike when I go uphill