The Kidreel

The Kidreel

Kidreel allows parents to pull their child in the ascents and easily let go on the straightaways and before the descents. It`s a reel that easily mounts on the kids bike and automatically rewinds so that you can tow them when needed.

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This thing rules!

It stays on my kids bikes without them knowing, but it’s always there when I need to give them a lift! It’s the equivalent to the invention of the dropper post... for riding with your kids!

Cameron Zink - MTB Pro

Los Angeles, CA


Great Product!

It works very well and has substantially improved our family bike trips. Hills that were stress factors previously are now no problem anymore.

I highly recommend it.

Jonas Holder


We made kidreel because we wanted to bring our kids on mountainbike rides.

Shortly after making the first prototypes we realized that this product is not just for mountainbike riders, it´s for every parent with a kid on a bike.

Trond Hansen - Founder

Asker, NO


I used to bring the baby carriage for backup in case my boy got tired along the way.

Now he just tags along for the ride without effort, and I can leave the baby carriage at home.

Christina Engh - Mum

Oslo, NO

Used to push our daughter up hills by hand. Much easier, comfortable and safer with Kidreel. Bought 2 during the Kickstarter phase and had to order 4 more for friends who also liked the concept recently.

Sebastian V

Great for steeper rides!

Awesome product and company. So easy to bring your kid on longer steeper rides. Customer service is also great.

Joachim Olsen

Great for everyday use!

We live on quite a steep hill, but my three year old loves cycling. Going back home was always complicated - me carrying to bikes and having a cranky child. Now I can cycle and hold her with the Kidreel and she can cycle as well - we are home much faster and happier :)